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MC-2565 From Support to Superglue - How Bill Pay Activities Add Value to HNW Client Relationships

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Become the trusted advisor that never misses a payment The requests from high-net-worth clients run the gamut, from daily life errands to long-term financial planning. Many of these asks require money to be transferred, and while manual efforts might allow for a personalized offering, it isn't efficient or scalable and it can become even more cumbersome to stay on top of an increasingly growing number of requests and deadlines. Scope creep can be a common occurrence, as HNW client needs are sophisticated and complex, and they often seek to maximize the value of their current partnerships. Firms that utilize automation technology for bill pay services impact their companies' success on two fronts: they are better serving their high-net-worth clients while also lowering costs for their firm. How delivers value for your HNW clients: • Manage payments anytime, anywhere: Our mobile app gives the freedom to review and approve in a few taps, no matter where your clients are • Fast Payment Options: Fast payment options available to process and pay bills quickly (same-day or overnight) • Control and Convenience: Full transparency with complete payment audit trails and full records to quickly review any document, vendor record or proof of payment • Secure Data: Secure and private platform where your banking information is private from vendors and easy access is secured by 2-step verification for your clients Here are 4 ways delivers value for your firm: • See everything in one dashboard: Quickly review outstanding to-do lists and get one-click access to every one of your clients' accounts • Easy document storage and audit-ready trails: Retrieve any document, vendor records, or proof-of-payment quickly and see transparent, time- stamped audit-ready trails for every transaction. • Collaborate in the cloud: Eliminate the back-and-forth by working efficiently with your team in real time anytime, anywhere. • Keep everything in sync: Connect with the tools you already use, including leading accounting software and other payments solutions. Platforms like that leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning bring an added advantage, as data accumulated over time transforms into added insights that trusted advisors can leverage toward making better informed decisions. Overdue $0 0 BILL S $12,000 Due in 7 days: 6 BILLS Bills to pay Approved, ready to be paid bills Bill approvals People with bills to approve, and days waiting Approver Assigned for: 0- 5 days Max Nguyen $7,000 3 BILLS M N Tanya Smith $5,050 5 BILL TS Rodger Waters $3,050 1 BILL RW Download mobile Invite team members Inbox Documents Vendors Approvals Bills Payments out Customers Invoices Payments in Actions RECEIVABLES PAYABLES Reports Support Center Overview International payments

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